Romantic Things That You Could Do To Surprise Your Loved Ones

 “There is only one happiness in life… To love and be loved“

Love is a game of stages and people in a relationship should be on their toes to please their counterpart to soar up their love life. Unequivocally, romance is an indispensable aspect of any amour and one need to constantly look for ways to dazzle your love & see a placatory smile on their face.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, the cheesy displays of love and public display of affection would probably have come down a notch or two. And that’s completely acceptable. After all, we can’t really stay in the infatuation stage all our life, can we? Now, the game of hormones in the body is such that boys and girls do not get chuffed by the employment of same enamoured practices…. No worry guys….Testosterone and Oestrogen are to be blamed!


Girls are tender- hearted figures, thus the easiest way to romance with them is to show your affection and care. Owing to the human behaviour and nature, insecurities and confusions are well- known to strike your relation. If you truly love your girl and wish to make her feel secure, don’t stop indulging in romantic gestures.

Believe me, boys… Girls don’t demand much; there’s no demand for expensive shows of affection …! Your dinky efforts will prove to be bright enough to highlight your endearment.Some of the tactics might appear hammy but in the end, you have to agree that your dalliance will work only when you comply over these tactics…. Come on people, Bollywood guys do have their idiosyncratic way.

# Clasp hands when you are walking together. Maybe that’s a very naive wave to display your feelings for her.

# Wrap your arms around her and try to be close. Honestly speaking, this will surely melt her down and make her feel special.

# Buy her a Rose and a chocolate… The smell of rose and the taste of chocolate is enough to tantalize her feelings.

# Do silly things: The more playful you are with your girl, the more comfortable she’ll feel with you.

# Spend time with your partner now and then… This is known to liberate positive chemicals in their body

# Look into your girl’s eyes and say “I love you”. Say it like you mean it without trying to be funny or sounding corny.

# A gentle kiss will definitely prove to be a cock- a- hoop gesture in your pleasurable time.

#Dedicate a lovely & romantic song to her… For each time she’ll encounter that very song, she’ll feel pampered and loved.

# Listen to her patiently. And when you do not have a prompt reply, give a pause and kiss her gently.

# Pen down your captivating message for her…. This is sure to bring a winsome smile on your girl’s face.

Now let’s switch over to Boys. Men are usually not pleased by the lucid lovey- dovey elements. They aren’t easily swayed by the romantic poems or songs, rose and a chocolate. But surely, their hearts are not made of steel. Men enjoy surprises as much as women do, so don’t just sit around and wait for him to bring all the excitement into your relationship. Heed to his needs, he’ll be contended thereby yielding a fulfilling relationship.

# Get dolled up: Nothing excites a boy more than seeing his girl sensually dressed for him.

# Give him a gift: Now there’s a difference of choice. Where women enjoy roses and sweets, boys don’t. Gift them something related to their interests.

# Compliment him: Boys love to get pampered. Compliment him to make him feel special.

# Give him enough kisses… even without a reason; this will definitely stimulate the release of happy entities in his body.

# Go on a trip: Changing the environment and hanging out with him will prove to be your expression of love for him. Evincing is a latent quality in man; it could be made patent only by his girl. So, chill around him and soak him into romance.


So, men and women, young at heart… You need to ensure that you create a mystical aura around your dear ones by the application of your love. Relationships can thrive better if you prepare little surprises for each other occasionally. These surprises are just a way to show that you still fall for them, irrespective of the existing circumstances. So, people make your lover go Awww… with your engaging deeds.   Wish you romantic and playful life ahead 😉

Sakshi Mathur

Hello people, I am Sakshi Mathur, a MBBS student at Dr.S.N.Medical College, Jodhpur, harbouring the avocation of content writing. In this pursuit, I have worked as a ghost writer for a couple of times.

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