Narendra Modi- Will he be the next Prime Minister of India?

It’s going to be a great day in the history of Indian politics when the next Prime Minister will be decided. Just a matter of a few more hours and India may get it’s Prime Minister in the name of Narendra Damodardar Modi( at least most of the exit polls and experts think so). 63 years old Narendra Modi is the existing Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat and a member of BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party). While most of the party members(BJP) including the party President Rajnath Singh are in support of Modi for the Prime Ministerial post, the patriarch and one time Deputy PM Lal Krishna Advani has been reluctant since a long time, and even declined the offer to be the Speaker of the to-be-formed assembly. Not only Advani, but a few more politicians including Mayawati and Mamata Banerjee have ruled out any chances of supporting the Modi-led government which might result in chaos and confusion while the formation of government, though the exit polls indicate a clear victory for the BJP, but last minute back-outs and negotiations are always expected, and drastic too.

The major reason for all the parties to notĀ support Modi seems to be his controversial figure where he is deemed as a ‘Hindu nationalist’ and his administration faults leading to communal riots in Gujarat in 2002. This may be a major cause of concern for the NDA while electing the PM(if they won) as many parties in the alliance may not like Modi to hold the post, but keeping in mind the likes of the country and the people, it is most expected that the next Prime Minister of the Republic of India would be Narendra Modi. If we opt out Modi from the candidature, there is presently no person as wanted and active as him, besides, it would sadden the people of the country who have supported Modi as the next PM. A lot of credit goes to his high-tech political rallies and online presence, the Indian youth has never been so actively participating and anticipating the poll results. Online and offline media has been flooded by slogans like ‘har har Modi, ghar ghar Modi’, ‘abki baar Modi sarkaar’ and a lot more.

Narendra Modi


As the time of result nears, candidates after candidates from the Congress camp have already started accepting their defeats and are praising Narendra Modi for his efforts and administrative reforms in Gujarat till date; all this and the counting of votes hasn’t started yet. This chapter of the Indian general elections 2014 has seen a lot of changes as compared to the previous editions, this time the public seems clear and determined to eradicate a government for its failures, the youths are engaged and a change awaits. So stay updated, stay informed and hope whatever happens, happens for the betterment of the country and its folks.

Narendra Modi- Will he be the next Prime Minister of India?



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