So, How Much Do You Know About Reliance Jio?

Must have heard about Reliance Jio by now, right? With India increasingly becoming techno-savvy, the exigency of faster internet and easy calls is on mount. Advent of Reliance Jio in 2015 proved to be a great hallmark in furnishing the soaring demands of the people. Founded by Indian Tycoon Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio is an advancing provider of mobile telephony, broadband and digital services in India. With a well – planned tactics of Mr. Mukesh Ambani and his team, Reliance Jio promises to be the best 4G network with the lowest data rates globally. Indeed, a breakthrough for people of all age groups who seek solace for each and everything on the internet, be it education or entertainment.

With being India’s first ever platinum 4G service and first all IP network , it empower Indians to be technologically strong by delivering it’s services to nearly 18,000 cities and 2 lacs villages, easy connectivity. Sounds pleasing, isn’t so? In a country where consumers are price sensitive, affordability matters more than speed. Keeping this in view, Reliance Jio has established a well-structured model for its 4G services. Along with this, Jio Digital Life also ensures affordable and simple tariffs. As per its plan, there’ll be no more voice call charges in case of local and STDs.

 But we cannot forfeit the fact that every coin has two sides. Did anyone give a thought to the idea about why is Jio charging only for data and giving voice free? There’s a technical explanation for this. It should be noted that Jio uses a novel technology called VoLTE i.e. Voice over LTE where even the voice is transmitted as data packets over 4G network. This transmission of voice over 4G is called as Packet switching. Contrary to this, the existing operators transmit voice over 2G & 3G and use 4G only for internet data. This implies that with Jio, one has to keep the mobile data ON even for the calls, be it incoming or outgoing. If your phone is not VoLTE enabled, you need to download the app ‘ Jio4GVoice ’ to make your phone calls. This is so because the calls will use interconnecting infrastructure that current telecom operators use. Even then there is a chance that many calls may fail because of lack of coordination between the various telecom providers who are unwilling to give a push to Reliance Jio. However, communication between Jio to Jio will continue uninterrupted. While the Reliance Jio technology is new-fangled and latest, a Jio user ends up using huge amount of additional data for every voice he/ she makes. Thus, in Jio, one uses data for voice and internet both. This is precisely the tactic played by the Reliance Jio to lure more- and -more customers towards it by the alluring tag of free voice calls under the name of reasonable 4G mobile data plans.

 The idea of ‘ One India ‘ now seems to be real for Jio affirms that no more roaming charges shall be issued and kinsfolk in different states can connect and communicate with greater feasibility. Along with this comes salutary news that there will be no more blackout days.

Besides telephonic and broadband services, Reliance Jio also offers LYF devices starting from 2,999 Rs. and complimentary Jio Apps worth Rs. 15,000. Coupled with this, it also promises that there shall be no complex telecom charges.

Indeed the entire country is thrilled on listening the new about Reliance Jio and their reasonable 4G LTE data plans. But, before dumping your existing connection for Reliance Jio, here’s a piece of advice that you should judge its pluses and minuses wisely. Large numbers of people are being captivated by the idea of free calls using Reliance Jio, however, we need to bear in mind that the FREE incoming and outgoing calls that are being promised to you is under the cover of mobile data. So, you might end up using tremendous data for your calls no matter whether it’s incoming or outgoing, since we Indians are accustomed to talk and gossip a bit more. This is exclusive of the internet that you’ll be using for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and what not.

Also, Reliance Jio promises “Unlimited 4G at night” and one might plunge upon the phone; browsing, surfing, chatting, playing etc. bearing in mind that he/ she has free internet from 9PM to 6AM. So, here’s another fact that the night as per Reliance is from 2AM to 5AM. If you have the courage to be awake during this period, then we wish you luck for it 😉

Undoubtedly, Reliance Jio has greatly unfurled its wings to ramp up the customer base. In the surge of intensifying it’s marketing, Reliance Jio has certainly put forth multifarious services with data-strong network built for 4G network. Not only this Reliance Industry has made future plans for the accessibility of 5G and 6G services; Fast and Furious, right!


Patently, Reliance Jio is a stratagem proposed and bought to the stage by Mr. Ambani and team to captivate the Indian throng towards much awaited internet speed. The demand of the Indian mass is cheaper call rates and faster internet services for easy chit – chat with the near and dear ones and also for many official and learning purposes. With a prudent proposition, Reliance Jio is all set to beat the other telecom services and captivate Indians with its copious facilities. But before switching to Reliance Jio from your existing mobile operator or connection, it’s a recommendation that you judge the pros and cons judiciously because Reliance Jio is a great marketing gimmick to gain attention and publicity among the Indian Folk. We wish a happy hike for those who are ardent for using Jio and a good luck to those who are on the way for it.

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