Beware….FACEBOOK VIRUS on the go

Hello all…as I normally have nothing else to do and am still very busy doing nothing, I thought of making some sense this time by telling a few things about Facebook, which u must have already been knowing!

So, our addiction for FB starts at such an age where, if you get conscious enough, you may crack IIT,AIPMT, CAT, IAS and other exams that may be a better choice than being a FB master. No matter how un-cool n bloody worthless we are, our FB status and profile always respect us! Whether he/she is our worst enemy in life, if you want to abuse him, be his friend first! How ironical!!! Why didn’t Zuckerberg add an enemy panel so that things would be clearer?

India wins world cup, you like it, okay, fine, A. Raja nibbles thousand of crores, you like that too, earthquake in Indonesia parted many bodies with there souls, YOU STILL HAVE to LIKE IT! Got my point?

How did a petty application  know that Abraham, Mary, Susanne, Tom… were my top 10 friends, when 9 of them don’t even know me? Or say, I don’t know them! They were my friends because most of them were girls who looked sexy and received a friend request from me honoring there looks! The guys were just added, don’t know why and when.

So, you are on Facebook because you want to be connected with your friends all the time? Why don’t you get connected with the ones sitting to your left and right? To the ones who have been calling you for so long but you couldn’t receive there calls just because you were too busy “Facebooking”? As for the term ‘busy’, how the f did you manage to update your status when you were so bloody busy?

Gender discrimination is the biggest problem that needs to be sorted out fast in the FB world. Male gets an Oscar, 3 likes and 13 comments; Riya’s puppy ate a full ice-cream today, 20 superlikes, 87 likes n 239 comments, most of the commentators being people like me who have all the free time in the world. So basically, the comments are clueless phrases from single guys who just want to tell the world that they are very much single and the girl should consider them if they ever need a male partner. And dudes, sending friend requests to random girls @100/day will never get you a girl friend, I ASSURE U. And yes, just forget about getting laid! Those who send BEST FRIEND REQUEST apps, do you need a request to be sent to make someone your best friend?

Mafia wars is a pain, you die for nothing, Farmville is crap, you go begging, why don’t you water some real plants instead? Why do you need dinosaurs in the present world? You are eating the best pizza ever, how does it even help any single person on the  friend list? And you think the quizzes really test your IQ? Oh yes, They actually prove it is equal to zero by inflating you with the results. FB actually helps you in selecting a soccer team too, the people included in your team don’t even know whether the spelling is SOCCER or SUCKER!

I have seen many people who comment on the posts/updates of girls asking them to add them, it goes something like

“hi i am blocked, please add me”

REALLY??? Is it gonna get you a girl? Yeah, maybe, of course…. if that girl is a boy, if you know what I mean! But if it like this, may god save you from Angel Priya and her sisters.

I don’t know what’s up with these confession pages. My god! why do people even confess there, well aware of the fact that your sentiments would be flown away in the air and people will start having fun and finding humor in your situations. Even I personally like to comment non-sense on the confessions, its fun :p

So all this crap and you still waste the whole day refreshing your FB page! WTF! okkkk… to update my status… am a bit busy now….c ya! Bye :-) And No , I am no exception to the majority, so don’t you dare look back upon me, am infected too. Happy Facebooking.

“Add me, am not yet blocked! :p


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7 Responses

  1. Roshni says:

    i thought there was a real virus 😀 😛

  2. Roger Keith says:

    its really great someone came up with such a humorous article…. keep it up man

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome dear, I always knew you are talented but the world is knowing now. Gr8 job. I think u shud try writing a book.

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