Countries better not to visit if you are a woman

Nowadays with the consistent increase in crime rate in almost all parts of the world, people are forced, or should i say bound to think a number of times before visiting any place on the earth. There is always an urge to know in advance about the nature of crime prevalent there, if any, and should that place be visited or not. When it comes to women, the first thing they need to think is about their safety. So whether you are planning for a vacation or you are on an official tour, these countries should be avoided if possible. Of course many of these countries have a lot of places that sure interests visitors and enthusiasts, but if you are a women, and that too if you are traveling alone, keep these facts in mind before you step off. Here is the list of countries not to visit for women:


Number 5 on this list is Guatemala which is filled with scenic cities and a bigger portion of the inhabitants are involved in some kind of tourism business. Now the problem, this place is a hub for drug and gang related crimes and the most common victims are the local and tourist females. The legal system is also not very rigid to control the crime and thus the crime rate has seen no decline in the past 5-6 years and the graph shows increase at an exponential level. Guatemala is said to be one of the western hemisphere’s most brutal places owing to its repressive and male dominated history that has long been cultivated with gang violence, drug trafficking and domestic abuse.




Gender based violence has been a popular part of the Brazilian history where the male dominated society has always paved way for violence against women. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous tourist places of the whole southern hemisphere and the country make a lot from its tourism business, but still there are not much active measures to curb crimes against visiting women. Not many days back and an American girl was raped in a van while his French boyfriend stood there, handcuffed. Domestic violence, rapes, murders are the highlight of the society where one woman is assaulted every 15 seconds, one woman murdered every 2 hours. Most of these cases are domestic and happen behind closed doors, maximum times these crimes go unreported.




Congo has the reputation of being the ‘rape capital of the world’ where the intensity of sexual violence is said to be the worst in the world. A report in 2011 stated that 1000 women had been raped daily in this democracy. Sexual abuse, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, public rapes have long been the characteristics of this place where some groups take pride in raping a women and believe it to be their right. Violence against women is so common that to people well familiar with this place and culture, rapes would seem to be just a form of life, nothing unusual!



Welcome to Mexico, the country full of beautiful places and resorts, which also enjoys a nice position in some of the most visited places of the world. But wait, did you happen to see a girl’s body dumped in a garbage box? yes… you are quite clearly in Mexico which is #2 on the list of countries not to visit for women and where this is not an uncommon sight. Women are tortured, beaten and raped, but even that fails to fulfill the inhuman desires of the criminals, they are murdered and dumped very easily and fearlessly. The past two years have seen a lot of new laws and enforcements to curb violence against women, but the Mexican police has not been very successful in doing so. Only 2-3 of 100 such cases are reported and even lesser are correctly investigated. Abuse, rape and torture of women with impunity is harming the society to a great extent.




Ranked as #1 due to the recent happenings of rape with both national and international tourist, India has a well maintained law and order routine to be followed, but it all happens after a girl has lost her respect, dignity, or even life. A case of gang-rape of a 23 year old girl on a public bus took a hype and it seemed strong actions will be taken against the evil-doers, but to no avail, the abundance of political parties in India ensures every matter, good or bad, be used as a political weapon for the next elections. So if you get raped, be prepared to receive their hearty condolences. That girl was so severely damaged and an iron rod was so roughly inserted in her vagina that her small intestine needed to be removed surgically. She lost her battle with life 13 days after this incident. Other rapists had no effect with this and 2 girls under 18 years of age were raped within 24 hours of this incident. Most of these cases of violence against women occurs in the capital, New Delhi, which is also sometimes referred to as the rape capital of India, not to mention this is not the only place. Some tribes consider gang-rape as a punishment to girls who have done a sin or mistake. In March 2013, in Datia village of Madhya Pradesh, a Swiss women was gang raped in front of his tied husband. Eve-teasing is not a very big issue in the India society but the number of rapes do account for a big deal. While most of the victims try not to disclose the matter to avoid social embarrassment, many come up to file reports to the police and strict measures are taken. To sum up, its not very safe for women, mostly foreigners, and that too alone, to visit remote areas in India, of course sometimes the big cities are the sites for these incidents.


This report is based on studies from a lot of websites and reviews by many independent women tourists, social workers and local people. Even though these places are sites of some kind of crime, the governments are trying hard to curb the abuse and will most probably succeed in doing so. Hope this happens soon because even though there are some cons, the pros cannot be ignored, all these places are special in one form or the another, be it the cultural heritage, scenic beauties, natural resources or the cuisine.

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