Are you an Indian boy? Here’s the check-list that confirms it:

Whatever be your age man, your parents don’t seem to care, for them you are still a little kid, even if you have 10 of your own, welcome to the Indian BOY ZONE. Anyways, here are a few more points that will help you confirm that you are, and have been since time immemorial, a boy of Indian origin. Have a look:

1. Want a hot girlfriend, but a sanskaari wife, no compromises here.

sanskaari bahu

2. The time between your marriage and the first kid is very embarrassing as everyone has a question for you “when are we g0nna hear the good news?”

#Beta….khushkhabari kab de rahe ho?


3. No matter how good your wife/girlfriend cooks, you always miss the food cooked by your mother.

#Maa ke hath ka khana 

4.  Age doesn’t matter, you still are a MAMA’S BOY, she will disagree to believe you’ve grown up.

Mama's Boy

5. Never satisfied with what we get.

#Jo hame chahiye, use ham nahi chahiye, aur jise ham chahiye, wo kise chahiye!!!

6. Can still flirt with a girl who friend-zones, but please do no Bhai-zone us.

7. Checking out and commenting on random girls is fine for us, but don’t dare you  look at our sisters.

8. Male kids are always the superior one, often referred to as ‘ghar ka chirag
ghar ka chiraag

9. Secretly wish to be in a reserved category to avail a government job, but hate reservation system.

 10. In debates, you always speak against dowry but your dad has a MRP ready for you, where M stands for minimum, mind it.

11. One of the most common dialogues when in a fight “abe pehchanta hai ki nahi?”




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